Soldier of Fortune II: Soundpacks

Soldier of Fortune II: Mods

Zuerst müssen die downgeloadeten Files entpackt werden mit zB. WinRAR.
Alle *Soundpacks könnt ihr wahlweise in euer SoF2/rocmod oder OSP Verzeichnis kopieren.
Den RoCmod und OSP Client braucht ihr um auf unsere Server spielen zukönnen, ebenso den AmigaServ Client.
Kopiert den RoCmod und AmigaServ Client in euer SoF2/rocmod Verzeichnis.

{THF} The Designed Modification:
Unser eigener Mod basierend auf dem RoCmod, SoF2 im neuen Look. Neue Waffen, neue Sounds, HD-Texturen.
Kopiert das pk3 File ebenfalls einfach in euer rocmod Verzeichnis...

*Wie ihr die Voice Commands aus den Soundpacks verwendet, findet ihr bei uns unter dem RoCmod Link.

Soldier of Fortune II: Maps

Counterstrike Italy  (mp_italy.bsp)

Original Description:
This is a map from CS. A very nice one at that. And has been nicely redone for SoF2. A setting in Italy and all the guns to go with it. This map supports all game types Its a nicely sized map for around 4-8 players. You can always get more in, it will still be great fun. The map also has some nice opera and italian guitar music. This is there to calm you down before you get yer head blown off!

Filesize:  2,77 MB
Downloads: 8126


Counterstrike Italy Night  (italy_night.bsp)

Original Description:
Here's the CS Italy map, but this time it's night There's also a secret out there for going up on the roof. This map supports all gametypes.

Filesize:  5,28 MB
Downloads: 6974


Counterstrike Dust  (mp_dust.bsp)

Original Description:
For those of you who love the remake of Dust Maps for SoF2 comes 'dust' by Hutch This is the remake of the Counter Strike map. The map is really well made and has some intresting places to go. Hutch has made a remake of the original dust for clan Paladin but now he is in a new clan and has 4other maps in the works. Hutch is most certainly one to look out for in the comming months.

Filesize:  2,09 MB
Downloads: 6589


3013ERS Cargo Area  (mp_cargo.bsp)

Original Description:
This map was created with care and for fun. The result is very good, a medium sized map good for several gametypes. The map looks very varied and detailed, the new textures and shaders are very nice too. It has great outside and inside areas.

Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM, ELIM, INF
Maximum Players: 22 with DM, 26 with Teamgames | Pickups Enabled: Yes

Filesize:  2,04 MB
Downloads: 4788


TB HighWire 2  (tb_high_wire_2.bsp)

Original Description:
City theme. High buildings with access to all roof tops. The makings of a great sniper/RPG war. TB High Wire 2 has two new underground areas to do battle and a tower that soars high into the map giving players sniper access to all building tops. Thats if you can make it to the top on the high wire without getting wasted. If you do make it to the top, you will rewarded with a Grenade Launcher. The only one in the map! The map also contains some new semi-secret areas.

Filesize:  1,60 MB
Downloads: 4178


RTW City of Snipe  (rtw_city_of_snipe.bsp)

Original Description:
Another map from Marko. Sniper City 2 but renamed to stop confusion. Has many diffrent buildings with nice snipering places where you can snipe from though windows. It has a nice layout of custom textures. Supports DM and TDM only.

Filesize:  1,87 MB
Downloads: 3960


Valley of Kings  (vok.bsp)

Original Description:
Here is the bugfixed version of Valley of Kings by Marko! This is a map based in an egyptian desert, complete with a nice pyramid and stuff! Excellent gameplay (especially for players who love to snipe) and the map supports every gametype, including Reverend Ted's ktmwtb and most Goldrush gametypes.

Filesize:  1,74 MB
Downloads: 3382


Ecuador Mountains  (mp_ecuador.bsp)

Original Description:
Here's a brilliant map from 'Alien' which features several gametypes. It's situated in some kind of mayan jungle,where there are sevaral ways to get the flag,or complete the other objectives. This is quite a big map,so more than 8 players would be recommended.

Filesize:  4,36 MB
Downloads: 1497


Big Touble in Little China  (china3.bsp)

Original Description:
Night time city map made for Sniper DM. I made the original Little China because there were a lot of good Hong Kong texures to use and I think a variety of lighting and shadows helps the engine look for realistic. I could get away with a lot more coloured lighting in chinatown and keep it reasonably realistic. The layout takes a very classic approach, flat roofs and streets in the vien of BRIGZYs 'Hells Bells', posibly the best map ever made for sniper.

Filesize:  2,69 MB
Downloads: 1412


Algolagnie  (algolagnie.bsp)

Original Description:
Yet another wicked map by blizzard senior it looks great and unless you hate wood as there is a lot of it. This map has the feeling of and old mansion house with a very elegant staircase. There are lots of hidden places on this map, infact there are tunnels and ladders and you can watch people with out them knowing you are there very cool.

Filesize:  2,44 MB
Downloads: 1146


Remagen  (remagenfinal.bsp)

Original Description:
Well when i look at the screenshot it reminded me of a 'Mohaa' map which is a good thing because thats what it is. This is a re-make of Remagen from Medal of Honor Allied Assault. The map looks pretty much the same but does not have the same feel this is a well made map although its a shame that you cannot get on top of some boxes. The scales are all over the place compared to the original but it can be tricky starting from scratch and remaking a map.

Filesize:  2,78 MB
Downloads: 937


The Market  (market.bsp)

Original Description:
This map shows an indoor mall with a lot of different shops. U can find 4 floors there: the cellar, the main entrance, the 1st and the2nd floor. To change the floor use stairs or beam yourself (only in TDM and DM). There are possibilties to hide everywhere, but of course, it's not a camper map for sure ! Because of the size this map is good for servers up to 10 players.

Filesize:  3,50 MB
Downloads: 866