RoCmod Commands

Die Voice Commands werden in der "voicecmds.cfg" konfiguriert. Nur der Server benötigt diese Datei. So können User die connecten automatisch die Sounds welche bei ihnen fehlen downloaden.
Besser ist es natürlich, wenn ihr euch die nötigen Files direkt von unserer Page zieht. (Siehe Downloads)
Dies geht schneller und ihr habt sofort alles komplett...

Die folgende Liste zeigt alle auf unserem SoF2-Server verfügbaren Voice Commands bzw. Sounds.
Benutzt diese indem ihr in eure Config die @Nummern eintragt.

Beispiel: bind a "say @142"
Wenn ihr im Game dann "A" drückt, erscheint der Text "Hasta la vista, baby" und ihr hört den vorgegebenen Sound dazu.
Selbstverständlich hören auch alle anderen Player den Sound, denn darum geht's ja schliesslich ;-)

Ihr könnt die Sounds auch direkt im Game anwählen.
Dazu müsst ihr lediglich eure "Talk / Chat" Taste drücken und die Nummer (z.B. @14) für euren gewünschten Sound eingeben.
Bei dieser Variante ist es empfelenswert die Voice Commands Liste zu drucken, damit ihr im Game nicht den Überblickt verliert.

// Standard Voice Commands
@1 text "Affirmative!"
@2 text "Negative!"
@3 text "Yes, sir?"
@4 text "Yes sir"
@5 text "Yes sir!"
@6 text "Yes sir!"
@7 text "Yes sir!"
@8 text "Yeah!"
@9 text "Yeah!"
@10 text "lol"
@11 text "lol!"
@12 text "Hello"
@13 text "Good day"
@14 text "Good day, sir"
@15 text "Help!"
@16 text "Nice shot!"
@17 text "Nice shot!"
@18 text "Nice shot!"
@19 text "Ha! Great shot!"
@20 text "Dammit!"
@21 text "Damn!"
@22 text "I'll be right back"
@23 text "Thank you"
@24 text "Yeah, thanks"
@25 text "Thanks"
@26 text "Incoming!"
@27 text "Advance!"
@28 text "Advance!"
@29 text "Awaiting orders!"
@30 text "Hold position!"
@31 text "Lets go! Move!"
@32 text "Go check that out"
@33 text "Go check that out!"
@34 text "Move it!"
@35 text "Fan out!"
@36 text "Pair up!"
@37 text "Spread out!"
@38 text "Clear!"
@39 text "Cover me!"
@40 text "Got him!"
@41 text "Got it!"
@42 text "Be careful!"
@43 text "Watch out!"
@44 text "Get down!"
@45 text "Get down!"
@46 text "Take cover!"
@47 text "Under fire!"
@48 text "I'm hit!"
@49 text "Man down!"
@50 text "Secure the perimeter!"
@51 text "I need backup, NOW!"
@52 text "Objective complete!"
@53 text "Hey honey"
@54 text "Coming through!"
@55 text "Don't hurt me!"
@56 text "Excuse me?"
@57 text "Damn, that was close!"
@58 text "You see that guy? He wet his pants! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
@59 text "Shuddup, man!"
@60 text "Eat lead, sucka!"
@61 text "Kickin' ass and takin' names!"
@62 text "How'd you like that!"
@63 text "Take that!"
@64 text "Take that!"
@65 text "You want some of this?"
@66 text "You want some of this?"
@67 text "You scared? You should be!"
@68 text "Bang! You're dead!"
@69 text "Come get some!"
@70 text "Go cry to mama!"
@71 text "Die!"
@72 text "What the...?!"
@73 text "Watch your fire!"
@74 text "Drop your weapon!"
@75 text "Fire!"
@76 text "I got that bastard!"
@77 text "Hey!"
@78 text "Medic! Medic!"
@79 text "We're getting slaughtered!"
@80 text "Plug him!"
@81 text "Stop!"
@82 text "Success!"
@83 text "You're not supposed to be here!"

// Additional Voice Commands
@84 notext "(chicken)"
@85 notext "(cow)"
@86 notext "(duck)"
@87 notext "(goat)"
@88 notext "(sheep)"
@89 notext "(turkey)"
@90 text "I do the ass-kicking around here!"
@91 text "Awwww crap!"
@92 text "Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch"
@93 text "If I may be so blunt, who gives a shit?"
@94 text "Blow me. Just fuckin' blow me."
@95 text "Wow, I'm gettin a boner!"
@96 text "BULLSHIT!"
@97 text "Bummer"
@98 text "Yes its true... This man has no dick"
@99 text "Look at the screen you dumb shit, I'm trying to get your attention!"
@100 text "Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here!"
@101 text "Fuck you"
@102 text "Who gives a shit, GET A FUCKIN' LIFE!!"
@103 text "Go fuck yourself"
@104 text "Holy shit!"
@105 text "Houston, we have a problem"
@106 text "I'll be back"
@107 text "Impressive!"
@108 text "You suck, ya jackass!"
@109 text "You leave me with no choice, I'm gonna have to kick your ass!"
@110 text "Why don't you kiss my ass"
@111 text "Are you trying to piss me off?"
@112 text "Relax toots, don't get your panties in a bunch"
@113 text "Jesus christ, who the FUCK do you think you're talking to?!"
@114 text "Just when I think you've said the stupidest thing ever, you keep talking"
@115 text "Is it possible for you to shut the fuck up for 10 seconds?"
@116 text "YOU ALL SUCK!"
@117 text "You people are fucking sick!"
@117 text "lol"
@118 text "lol yeah!"
@119 text "hahaha, shut up!"
@120 text "If you can't be at least mildly interesting, then shut the hell up!"
@121 text "Shut up you little slut"
@122 text "Shut the fuck up!"
@123 text "Ahh shut up!"
@124 text "I don't remember askin' you a goddamn thing"
@125 text "You really are a fuckin asshole"
@126 text "Your balls are showing"
@127 text "Well boo-fucking-hoo"
@128 text "You cocksucker!"
@129 text "What have we got here, a fucking comedian"
@130 text "Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"
@131 text "You're a dead motherfucker, you understand me?"
@132 text "Don't do that"
@133 text "Get this through your head, you jew motherfucker you (...)"
@134 text "I fart in your general direction!"
@135 text "You fuckin dick!"
@136 text "You fuckin shit!"
@137 text "What are you, a fuckin moron?"
@138 text "Hell I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister!"
@139 text "FUCK YOU!"
@140 text "The following people are gay"
@141 text "Oh jesus, fuck now he's gonna cry"
@142 text "Hasta la vista, baby"
@143 text "Do you find it hard to hide the fact that you're gay?"
@144 text "Huh?"
@145 text "It's impossible!"
@146 text "Man, you are one pathetic loser!"
@147 text "Are you menstruating right now?"
@148 text "I pulled my back out humpin' your mom last night"
@149 text "You son of a bitch! Your mom sucks!"
@150 text "I know you ain't too happy at this moment, ya know?"
@151 text "No way"
@152 text "OH MY GOD!"
@153 text "Oh that pisses me off, that pisses me right off!"
@154 text "Uhh... we have sort of a problem here..."
@155 text "Oh you must be very proud of yourself"
@156 text "I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull fuck you!"
@157 text "Stop whining!"
@158 text "Do you suck dicks?"
@159 text "And by the way, suck my motherfuckin dick"
@160 text "I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes!"
@161 text "Swallow it and shut the fuck up!"
@162 text "Who the hell are you talking to son!"
@163 text "This is some bullshit"
@164 text "YOU ARE A BITCH!"
@165 text "Use your fuckin brain!"
@166 text "You stupid fuckin cunt"
@167 text "You stupid son of a bitch!"
@168 text "I'll be watchin' you!"
@169 text "What if I was just to kick the ever-lovin' shit outta ya?"
@170 text "What the fuck is that?"
@171 text "What the fuck man, come on!"
@172 text "You guys suck!"
@173 text "Oh blow it out your ass!"
@174 text "Personally, I think you're a fuckin' idiot"
@175 text "I'll bet you'd fuck a person in the ass and not even (...)"
@176 text "You're so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!"
@177 text "Bullshit, I'll bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!"
@178 text "You'd better get your head and your ass wired together, or (...)"
@179 text "What's your name, scumbag?"
@180 text "Who the fuck said that?"
@181 text "Were you born a fat slimy scumbag, you piece of shit, or (...)"
@182 text "Who's the slimy little communist cocksucker down here who (...)"
@183 text "You had best unfuck yourself or I will unscrew your head (...)"
@184 text "Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker"
@185 text "Oh my god, the quarterback is toast!"
@186 text "Crazy fool!"
@187 text "Step down here and say that, sucka!"
@188 text "Yeah, well this whole place sucks! That's right, it sucks!"
@189 text "I guess we're playing for keeps now, I guess the kidding (...)"
@190 text "What are you lookin' at, butthead?"
@191 text "What's wrong dude, you yellow?"
@192 text "I don't play well with others"
@193 text "I think we got a hacker"
@194 text "Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!"
@195 text "You BASTARDS!! You vicious, heartless BASTARDS!"
@196 text "What are you gonna do, bleed on me?"
@197 text "You don't listen, do ya' asshole?"
@198 text "Oh, shit!"
@199 text "English motherfucker, do you speak it??"
@200 text "I'm gonna get medieval on yo' ass"
@201 text "Oh, you shitfaced cockmaster!"
@202 text "Damn dude, that kid is fucked up"
@203 text "I'm gonna spank you like a little red-headed stepchild"
@204 text "Wanna waste my time, OK..."
@205 text "Hey, fuck you man!"
@206 text "I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen"
@207 text "I'll blow this place up and be home in time for cornflakes"
@208 text "Do not go in there!"
@209 text "C'mon, don't bullshit me"
@210 text "Let this be a reminder to you all, that this organization (...)"
@211 text "What we've got here is, failure to communicate"
@212 text "Pardon my french, but you're an asshole!"
@213 text "Run Forrest, run!"
@214 text "You don't answer me when I speak to you, I'm gonna put (...)"
@215 text "I'm so wasted!"
@216 text "Come get some"
@217 text "You can't handle the truth!"
@218 text "I am invincible!"
@219 text "You have a rendezvous with my ass, motherfucker!"
@220 text "Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt"
@221 text "Flawless victory!"
@222 text "What's my name? Say my name, BITCH!"
@223 text "That's my name, don't wear it out"
@224 text "Now, it is time to play"
@225 text "You were good kid, real good, but as long as I'm (...)"
@226 text "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?"
@227 text "I'm waiting!"
@228 text "It's either me or them, you're gettin fucked one way or the other"
@229 text "Hey bud, what's your problem?"
@230 text "We just got our asses kicked, pal!"
@231 text "C'mon move it, lardass!"
@232 text "Holy shit, you see that fuckin' head come apart, man?"
@233 text "Don't mess with the bull young man, you'll get the horns"
@234 text "You gonna do something, or just stand there and bleed?"
@235 text "This town needs an enema!"
@236 text "So are we gonna screw soon, cuz I'm gettin' kinda antsy"
@237 text "I was abused too, man!"
@238 text "Did you hear what I said? Fuck OFF"
@239 text "Don't make me destroy you"
@240 text "Who did this to you, this is just not right, in fact it's nasty"
@241 text "The price is wrong, BITCH"
@242 text "Hey, look who's back!"
@243 text "Go ahead, make my millennium!"
@244 text "Where does it say that a gunshot wound requires a rectal exam, huh?"
@245 text "You arrogant ass, you've killed US"
@247 text "We're gonna yank 'em, tear 'em, rip 'em, roll 'em around, (...)"
@248 text "You just got 5'd, bitch!"
@249 text "You use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore"
@250 text "Sound off like you've got a pair!"
@251 text "Why don't you let a real man handle this?"
@252 text "I'm gonna put a serious case of crotchrot on that face of yours junior"
@253 text "Do you swallow?"
@254 text "SHIT!"
@255 notext "(dog panting)"
@256 text "Uh, Hello?"
@257 text "Man I ain't seen shit!"
@258 text "Well any fucking time sweetheart!"
@259 text "Oh and this one time, at band camp"
@260 text "Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that?"
@261 text "Ah ah ah ah ah ah. Don't give me attitude sir."
@262 text "Silence! I will not tolerate your insolence!"
@263 text "Where's your shitter? I gotta turtle head pokin out"
@264 text "If that happens once more, I'm gonna have your balls for breakfast, okay?"
@265 text "Next time I see that sucka, I'm a do more than punch him in the nose, I'm a break his neck!"
@266 text "Oh yeah, right in the balls man, right square in the balls"
@267 text "I think your mom dropped you when you were a baby"
@268 text "Get off my case, hippie"
@269 text "Sir, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kick your ass"
@270 text "Why don't you let a real man handle this?"
@271 text "Gimme a rubber, hehe damnit, I wanna score"
@272 text "He only plays video games all the time cuz he can't score"
@273 text "You ask me one more question and I'm beating the shit out of you"
@274 text "We're looking for the chick with big boobs"
@275 text "Bitches"
@276 text "I wonder where a guy, an every day joe like myself, could find a little action"
@277 text "Get off your fat little ass or I'll break it for you"
@278 text "How could you have such horrible instincts, and survive this long?"
@279 text "This is fuckin bullshit"
@280 text "Oh that is bullcrap!"
@281 text "Man this is some BULLSHIT!"
@282 notext "(Bum)"
@283 text "I will fucking bury you!"
@284 text "Listen buttface, I'm in no mood to deal with an idiot like you!"
@285 text "Who the fuck is this asshole!"
@286 notext "(Kitty Kat)"
@287 text "You do that, and I'll kill ya"
@288 text "Choke your own chicken dude, what's wrong with you?"
@289 text "You come close, but you never made it"
@290 text "You should not have comeback"
@291 text "Woo hoo, come to papa"
@292 notext "(Coughing)"
@293 text "It's a crock of shit!"
@294 text "Do you think I'm cute? Do you think I'm funny?"
@295 text "Damn I'm good"
@296 text "Did I just score?"
@297 text "He He He, Die! Die! Die!"
@298 text "Die you fuck"
@299 text "Every dog has his day"
@300 text "DOH!"
@301 text "Ah man, this is gonna suck donkey balls"
@302 text "Don't call me asshole, you son of a bitch"
@303 text "Don't act like you don't hear me talking to you"
@304 text "Aah, don't touch me asswipe!"
@305 text "Let's tape him to the floor and drool on him"
@306 text "Drugs are bad, M'kay?"
@307 text "I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!"
@308 text "Hey how bout a little less questions, and a little more shut the hell up"
@309 text "Alright that's it, for the next five hours, you're my bitch!"
@310 text "WHOA, transvestite, back off!"
@311 text "You don't scare me! Work on it!"
@312 text "What are you, gay?"
@313 text "Fuckin forget it, not on my watch"
@314 text "Fuckin kiss my ass you piece of shit!"
@315 text "Eat shit and die, you fuckin pogue"
@316 text "You got a fuckin problem?"
@317 text "Fuckin pussy ass"
@318 text "Fuck this shit!"
@319 text "Oh, fuck that!"
@320 text "Fuck you asshole!"
@321 text "Some people are really fuckin stupid"
@322 text "Why you little maggot, you make me want to vomit!"
@323 text "Game over man, game over"
@324 text "Jesus, who let that asshole in here?"
@325 text "I believe I'll get me another beer"
@326 text "Get off my case hippie"
@327 text "You slimy scumbag, get on your face and give me 25"
@328 text "You're all a bunch of goddamn pussies!"
@329 text "Gonads are useful for their purpose, but they are no substitute for brains"
@330 text "So are you gonna fuckin stand there all day?"
@331 text "I wouldn't make it a habit, callin me that son"
@332 text "Hey mutha fucka, don't be talkin to my bitch"
@333 text "I'll hunt ya down and kill ya"
@334 text "I'm gonna FUCKING kill you!"
@335 text "I'll stick my dick so far up your fucking ass, I'll impale your tonsels!"
@336 text "God, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Carnation Instant Bitch?"
@337 text "I will fucking end you"
@338 text "Jesus tap-dancing christ, is this thing ever gonna end?"
@339 text "Kamikaze!"
@340 text "Kiss my sagging ass"
@341 text "You fuckin loser!"
@342 text "Your mama puts out on weekends"
@343 text "And don't forget to tell your friends what happens if they fuck around here"
@344 text "Muthr Fuckr"
@345 text "Missed it by that much"
@346 notext "(Muerte pleasuring a woman)"
@347 notext "(Porn Prophet pleasuring a woman)"
@348 text "You're mocking me, aren't you?"
@349 text "Hey this is our turf asshole, turn around"
@350 text "Do you want to touch my monkey?"
@351 text "NEXT!"
@352 text "Another freakin night and no pussy"
@353 text "No sir, I didn't like it"
@354 text "Everyone in this room, is now dumber"
@355 text "Oh, fuck dat"
@356 text "Oh whatever"
@357 text "Oh yeah, baby!"
@358 text "Man get the fuck out my face mutha fucka!"
@359 text "Park your ass"
@360 text "PIECE OF SHIT!"
@361 text "Yeah, I could use some goddamn poontang myself right now"
@362 text "I'm the party pooper"
@363 text "I'm trying to watch a porno, and you fart knockers keep interrupting me!"
@364 text "What's the matter? The CIA got you pushing too many pencils?"
@365 text "WHOA, son of a bitch!"
@366 text "I got pussy on the brain, I always do"
@367 text "Hey, put that fucking thing away before I stick it up your ass!"
@368 text "I'm asking the fucking questions here private, do you understand?"
@369 text "You're livin in denial and suppressing rage mother fucker"
@370 text "Revenge is so very very sweet"
@371 text "The little bastards are up on the roof running around like fuckin retards"
@372 text "I suggest you run away, fast"
@373 text "You're asking for a drive by slapping pal"
@374 text "Don't give me that smart alecky shit!"
@375 text "My uncle says that smoking crack is kinda cool"
@376 text "You son of a bitch"
@377 text "I think the shit has definetely hit the fan"
@378 text "Stay sharp, we are not alone."
@379 text "You will respect my authoritaw!"
@380 text "STOP IT!"
@381 text "Excuse me, but I do believe that sucked ass!"
@382 text "Sucky sucky, five dolla!"
@383 text "I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer"
@384 text "Fuck you asshole!"
@385 text "This sucks balls!"
@386 text "Well, I guess you can suck my tiny little balls"
@387 text "I wanna slip my tube steak into your sister"
@388 text "Mmmm. Yeah."
@389 text "WhaZZzzUUUUUUP?"
@390 text "Welcome!"
@391 text "What the fuck did you say to me?"
@392 text "Hehe, what a dork"
@393 text "What you just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard"
@394 text "You will feel my wrath"
@395 text "What the hell is wrong with you people"
@396 text "You fuckin whore!"
@397 text "I think you suck!"
@398 text "You think you can take me? You need a fuckin army you gonna take me!"
@399 text "You wanna get high?"
@400 text "Yup, he's gay"
@401 text "Fuck you! Fuck you, and fuck you! Who's next?"
@402 text "So that's what opening a can of whoop ass feels like?"
@403 text "Hey, somebody needs a hug"
@404 text "Yo yo yo man, you best back off I'm getting a little pissed here"
@405 text "You're about to get a serious beatdown"
@406 text "WHAT?"
@407 text "YES!"
@408 text "This, is my BOOMSTICK!"
@409 text "I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast"
@410 text "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?"
@411 text "No!"
@412 text "You fucking cock-a-roach"
@413 text "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here"
@414 text "You kids shouldn't play so rough, somebody's gonna start crying"
@415 text "He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow"
@416 text "Die you son of a bitch"
@417 text "Do you get me sweetheart?"
@418 text "Drop the gun fat boy"
@419 text "Did you take a dump in your bed last night?"
@420 text "Well hello mister fancypants"
@421 text "I don't feel very good"
@422 text "I HAVE MADE FIRE!"
@423 text "Float away ya fairy!"
@424 text "When all else fails, fresh tactics"
@425 text "Friggin idiot!"
@426 text "Fuck! Ass!"
@427 text "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and FUCK you I'm out!"
@428 text "Fuckin what the fuckin, fuck, who the fuck, fuck this fuckin!!"
@429 text "Fuck you too!"
@430 text "Get down! And stay down!"
@431 text "Get the fuck out my face with that shit"
@432 text "Brother, you are going down"
@433 text "I'm gonna get you boy!"
@434 text "Check out the nametag, you're in my world now grandma"
@435 text "Grandma just called and said you're supposed to go home"
@436 text "And I'll tell you one more thing... I want Holyfield! I want Holyfield!"
@437 text "Holy shit!"
@438 text "How's it going?"
@439 text "IDIOT!"
@440 text "You insignifiCUNT little fuck!"
@441 text "I'm here to tell ya that you're probably gonna find out, as you go out there, you're not going to amount to JACK SQUAT!"
@442 text "I'm not letting you get rid of me"
@443 text "Are you guys having a killer time?"
@444 text "Quit worrying, you'll be back on your knees in no time"
@445 text "I'd knock that shit off if I was you"
@447 text "Ha ha ha ha, my sides!"
@448 text "LUCKY"
@449 text "Why don't you make like a tree, and get the fuck outta here!"
@450 text "Why don't you go tell your mom shut up!"
@451 text "I'm a mushroom cloud layin mother fucker, mother fucker!"
@452 text "Nobody fucks with the Jesus"
@453 text "Now fuck off!"
@454 text "NOW I AM REALLY PISSED!!"
@455 text "I wish you'd get outta my life and shut up"
@456 text "Now I swear, the next one of you primates even touches me..."
@457 text "You smell something rabbit? Fear!"
@458 text "You guys are retarded"
@459 text "That's how I roll!"
@460 text "See ya"
@461 text "SHUT IT!!"
@462 text "Shut up cheer bitch"
@463 text "You have smoked yourself retarded"
@464 text "I'm on you like stink on shit"
@465 text "No need to stop being a lady"
@466 text "Can we stop this cruel game?!"
@467 text "Such an idiot"
@468 text "So long sucka"
@469 text "Gimme some sugar baby"
@470 text "Sweet mother of god, what is the hold up?"
@471 text "Just watch out for the guns, they'll get ya"
@472 text "You're on thin fucking ice my pedigree chums, and I shall be under it when it breaks"
@473 text "Don't waste my mother fucking time!"
@474 text "Play the tutorials noob!"
@475 text "You have me confused with someone else, mister"
@476 notext "(Napolean Dynamite UGH)"
@477 text "Where you goin? No where!"
@478 text "Suck my white ass"
@479 text "Who the fuck's talking to you boy?"
@480 text "Who wants some? Who's next? HUH?"
@481 text "Why the fuck you do that?"
@482 text "I wish you could just shut your big yapper!"
@483 text "Yeah right"
@484 text "Yessssss!"
@485 text "Yo she-bitch, let's go"
@486 text "Make a move and the bunny gets it!"
@487 text "I don't think soooo"
@488 text "He is scum, I'm telling you..."
@489 text "I'm so pissed at you!."
@490 text "I have pms and a gun any questions?"
@491 text "**LOL**"
@492 text "OMG, you are so the shit!!!"
@493 text "You are...."
@494 text "I hope your dick is bigger then this man."
@495 text "I never thought someone could forget so much so fast..."
@496 text "You fucking cocknocker!"
@497 text "Smells like someone died."
@498 text "You get your ass out there and find that fucking dog!"
@499 text "You mean we are smoking dogshit man?"
@500 text "What? I don't smoke weed!"
@501 text "If I didn't love you so damn much I'd have to kill ya bro.."
@502 text "Ah, fuck it dude."
@503 text "What in the hell do you think you are doing?"
@504 text "It's a good time, ya know what I mean like a couple of kids..."
@505 text "I'm feeling a lil frisky here..."
@506 text "You got a hummor from the tranny didn't ya?"
@507 text "I may not have had sex but I could fuck you up, YEAH!"
@508 text "My god, your gay!"
@509 text "Hey you two get your asses in here!"
@510 text "I don't give a fuck."
@511 text "Hell of a thing for you to say to me.."
@512 text "HolyShit!"
@513 text "Alright bring on the free hooch.."
@514 text "I'm your huckleberry.."
@515 text "I see everything.."
@516 text "It's on like donky kong bitchhh"
@517 text "You got knocked the fuck out!"
@518 text "Hey I'm the flavor of the month..."
@519 text "Have you lost your fucking mind?"
@520 text "Morning dickhead.."
@521 text "Mabus's idea of a good sound bind!!!!!!!! "
@522 text "It doesn't work that way.."
@523 text "Pack it up, bitch!"
@524 text "You shut your mouth when your talking to me!"
@525 text "Would you look at that poorman..."
@526 text "37, My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks, in a row?"
@527 text "I want to make love to a school boy"
@528 text "Where are you going with that shotgun?"
@529 text "Oh man, I'm so friggin horny!"
@530 text "Why is everyone so fucking stupid?"
@531 text "Will you stop poofing on that joint and so some work!!"
@532 text "Surprise cockbag!"
@533 text "Told you that guy wanted to fuckme!"
@534 text "If your looking for trouble...."
@535 text "This is by fat the dumbest thing I have ever done!"
@536 text "See you are assuming I won't shoot your sorry ass.."
@537 text "Hey! I got an idea why don't you just kiss my left nut!!!"
@538 text "Bob, Bob had bitch tits!"
@539 text "Sometimes you have to show a little skin.."
@540 text "Get your dick back in here!"
@541 text "What the fuck is with this guy, who is he?"
@542 text "Who are you?"
@543 text "Oh your fucked now.."
@544 text "Oh shit, I got you good you fucker!"
@545 text "Let's go, I'm bored..Lets go Lets go.."
@539 text "Welcome to hell, BITCHHH!"
@540 text "Awe come on what is that? What is that?"
@541 text "This looks like poop..."
@542 text "She's toast!"
@543 text "I've got moves you have never seen..."
@544 text "Beautifulll.."
@545 text "See thats the difference between us, you think we are fighting and I think we are @finally talking!"

// AmigaServ Voice Commands
@600 text "Alles Quark !"
@601 text ";-)"
@602 text "D'oh"
@603 text "shitty shit"
@604 text "you're not alone !"
@605 text "now die..."
@606 text "tsssk, over here"
@607 text "nooo, don't kill me"
@608 text "scheiss wetter hier"
@609 text "Die Die Die..."
@610 text "Fuckah"
@611 text "Geh Foad"
@612 text "Dummschwaetzer !"
@613 text "Excellent !"
@614 text "i feel good..."
@615 text "???"
@616 text "autsch"
@617 text "Strike !"
@618 text ";-)"
@619 text "Groovy !"
@620 text "Gruzifix"
@621 text "Setz mi nieder lachens, Steh i auf, hoerns auf..."
@622 text "Admiral Bloedarsch"
@623 text "Augenblick mal"
@624 text "Du Schwein, ich meine - nein ;-)"
@625 text "Immer mit der Ruhe"
@626 notext "(The Duffbeer Song)"
@627 text "Stoned..."
@628 text "Come to Daddy"
@629 text "Paaaaaaartey..."
@630 text "Hey, geh mal ran du Ei !"
@631 text "Adios Muchacho !"
@632 text "Der Blitz soll dich beim scheissen treffen !"
@633 text "brb, cigarette"
@634 text "Ich habe eine Woche lang nicht geduscht, und jetzt geh ich ins Bett..."
@635 notext "(Jeopardy Sound)"
@636 notext "(Keine Anschluss unter dieser Nummer)"
@637 text "Setz dich und nimm dir'n Keks"
@638 text "Soll ich jetzt den Knaller zuenden ?"
@639 text "Lauf Schlampe, lauf !"
@640 text "rotfl"
@641 text "lol"
@642 text "lmao"
@643 text "narf"
@644 text "LAG"
@645 text "Wie kannst du noch leben ?"
@646 text "Scheisse! Wie geht'n das ?"
@647 text "Hello Guys !"
@648 notext "(Schnarchen)"
@649 text "Schoenen Dank du Arsch !"
@650 notext "(StarWars Rebel Sound)"
@651 text "Thanks"
@652 text "Kannst du mal die Schnauze halten, du bringst mich total drucheinander !"
@653 text "Voll die Seuche..."
@654 text "Wazzuuuuup ?"
@655 text "So, jetzt woll'mer mal zocken..."
@656 text "Der Tod ist der einzige Weg hier raus..."
@657 notext "(Die Gesellschaft hat keinerlei Verwendung)"
@658 text "Krluegaah !"   (Quake 4 Strogg Voice)
@659 text "Cluudschjuh !" (Quake 4 Strogg Voice)

// TV-Total Voice Commands
@700 text "Nabend"
@701 text "Bis Wiedersehen"
@702 text "Halt mal fuer eine Sekunde die Fresse"
@703 text "Wir brauchen Eier"
@704 text "Ich bin ein echter Countryboy"
@705 text "Der oder Die..."
@706 text "Er oder Sie..."
@707 text "Erbaermlich !"
@708 text "Fette Fette Partey"
@709 text "Sowas find ich nich gut"
@710 text "Das geht doch nicht!"
@711 text "Guten Tag miteinander"
@712 text "Oans wascht die andern die Hand"
@713 text "GG"
@714 text "Wo sin'mer denn hier eigentlich?"
@715 text "Kopf ab"
@716 text "Leck mich im Arsch"
@717 text "Das macht Spass..."
@718 text "Danke, mir geht's gut"
@719 text "No risk, no fun"
@720 text "S'Rischdisch"
@721 text "Wir muessen aus dem Schlafwagen raus!"
@722 text "Wieso bist du eigentlich relativ guter Laune?"
@723 text "Ja warum soll ich schlechter Laune sein?"
@724 text "So ist das nunmal..."
@725 text "Das hat mir Spass gemacht!"
@726 text "Und wenn, dann nur am Rande"
@727 text "Freibier fuer alle, der letzte zahlt!"
@728 text "Weniger Arbeit, mehr Gewalt!"
@729 text "Hirnrissig und abscheulich!"
@730 text ""
@731 text "Seit ihr denn verrueckt geworden?"
@732 text "Ihr habt versagt, jetzt macht euch vom Acker ;)"
@733 text "Was ist das denn?"
@734 notext "(Das ist Weisser Rauch, nein kann garnicht sein...)"

// Full Metal Jacket Voice Commands
@800 text "genau drei geschissene sekunden"
@801 text "runter auf die knie sie saftsack!"
@802 text "jetzt stehen sie auf, los auf die beine!"
@803 text "was ist ihre ausrede?"
@804 text "man hat sie beschissen!"
@805 text "ich bewundere sie aufrichtig..."
@806 text "bullshit! ich hoer ja nichts, habt wohl alle luft im sack!"
@807 text "ich stell verdammt nochmal die fragen hier!"
@808 notext "(sie sind doch garantiert diese art von typ der fickt jemand in den arsch und hat dann nichtmal das bisschen anstand dem wenigstens auch einen runterzuholen!)"
@809 text "haben sie jetzt genug gegrinst?"
@810 text "bullshit! ich wette sie saugen glatt nen golfball durch nen gartenschlauch!"
@811 notext "(die zeiten, wo ihr gretchen modermoese durch ihr huebsches rosa hoeschen fingerfickt habt, sind vorbei!)"
@812 text "hoeren sie entlich so ekelhaft zu grinsen!"
@813 text "Gute nacht ladys!"
@814 text "ich bin hart aber ich bin fair!"
@815 text "heiliger jesus im himmel!"
@816 text "wie ist ihr name sie fettsack?"
@817 text "treiben sie ja nicht nochmal ihr spielchen mit mir!"
@818 notext "(jetzt lassen besser sie ihre faxen sonst reiss ich ihnen den kopf ab und scheiss ihnen den hals!)"
@819 notext "(ich drueck ihnen die augen aus und fick ihnen durch die loecher in den schaedel!)"
@820 text "das ist nicht der jagtpruegel von deinem daddy cowboy!"
@821 text "jesusmaria, was ist das denn? was zum teufel ist das?"
@822 text "keiner was?"
@823 text "waren sie das sie reudiger kleiner ficker?"
@824 text "na, das is ja toll! wenn haben wir denn hier, einen verkannten komiker!"
@825 notext "(wer ist dieses miese kommischwein, dieser hobbyarschficker der grade sein todesurteil unterschrieben hat?)"
@826 text "sie sind so haesslich sie koennten glatt ein modernes kunstwerk sein!"
@827 text "bullshit! das laesst mich voellig kalt!"
@828 text "glauben sie vielleicht sie koennen mir weis machen sie wissen nicht was rechts und links ist?"
@829 text "lutschen sie schwaenze?"
@830 notext "(bullshit! sie kommen mir vor als waere das beste von ihnen damals am arsch ihrer mutter runtergelaufen und als brauner sosse auf der matratze geblieben!)"
@831 text "ihr arsch kommt auf meine liste!"
@832 text "sie merk ich mir vor!"
@833 text "nach nem stier sehen sie mir nicht gerade aus also wird die wahl doch eng!"
@834 text "haben ihre eltern je lebenden nachwuchs gehabt?"
@835 text "dann mach sie also nervoes!"
@836 text "hier wird nicht gelacht! hier wird nicht geheult! garantiert! das pruegle ich euch in die koepfe rein! "
@837 text "ich kenne keine vorurteile, gegen nigger, juden, spagetties, latinos!"
@838 notext "(putzt euch die schwaentze trocken und rein in die socken! heut ist sonntag! gottesdienst um null achthundert!)"
@839 text "ich werd euch schinden bis am verrecken seit!"
@840 notext "(ich schint euch bis euch buttermilch aus dem arschloch laeuft!)"
@841 text "sind sie ein schwanzlutscher?"
@842 text "sie werd ich mir merken!"
@843 text "sir jawohl sir"
@844 text "sir nein sir"
@845 text "werd ich es noch erleben sweetheart?"
@846 text "habt ihr maden das verstanden?"
@847 text "ist wohl der verfickte weihnachtsmann gewesen!"
@848 text "wer hat das gesagt?"
@849 text "wer zum teufel war das?"
@850 text "hier seit ihr alle zusammen gleich wertlos!"
@851 text "wie ist ihr name, saftsack?"

Im Game erhaltet ihr eine komplette Liste aller Sounds und Commands wenn ihr die Console öffnet und den Befehl /sounds eingebt.
Falls es Probleme gibt oder wenn ihr Fragen habt, schreibt uns einfach. (Siehe Contact)